Student Film

tasked to make a five minute documentary


Seeing as I’m doing a media related degree at university i thought i would do the odd update about television and film, things from lists (much like this one) to reviews of films and TV shows. This is a list about critically acclaimed and award winning television shows that i just can’t get into, for whatever reason (also i link to imdb alot), so here it goes:

The Wire

How Much I Could Watch: 55 minutes

Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for it, maybe it seemed to be be going on for too long, or maybe not a whole lot was happening. People talked, people were threatened but not many people got brutally killed. Idris Elba, who’s in it apparently (I don’t think I got that far), in Luther, a British TV show, throws a guy off a building in the first five minutes.

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 85%

I’m regularly told that the first season is so amazing that it has its own entry on the periodic table, I guess I just need to stick with the character development so that i can miss them when shit goes down.

Mad Men

How Much I Could Watch: Almost pressed play

From what I know, it’s a story about some ad execs who get up to some sexy 60s shenanigans, with Christina Hendrick’s cleavage involved in some way.

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 20%

If I have nothing going on in my life for an extended period of time then sure id give it a go, if only for Alison Brie.

Arrested Development

How Much I Could Watch: 3 episodes

I was watching this alongside ‘its always sunny in Philadelphia’ and I just gave up on it, I felt nothing was really happening with the characters and ‘its always sunny’ was better (laugh-for-laugh) on the first couple episodes

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 70%

It is nationally loved across america and whenever somebody talks about a family situation comedy they compare it to the Bluth’s. It only has three series attached, and a film in the works, which might mean producers finally realised they should quit while ahead and not go on forever (looking at you Simpsons), or was prematurely cancelled (Firefly), either way would definitely give it go before the film comes out, so i could understand what was happening.

Modern Family

How Much I Could Watch: 1 episode

I think a super hot mexican soccer (football) mom got hit on while her fat sun played football, gays got a baby and a dad struggles as a dad only to find out that they are all related all in the first episode… meh. i didn’t know or care what the characters did next, i got all i needed from the show like it was a cheap hooker.

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 20%

I don’t know if I can watch a show based on the fact Sofia Vergara is mind (and by mind Imean crotch) numbingly good looking, much like I am with Mad Men (here and here)

Six Feet Under

How Much I Could Watch: 7 episodes (a surprising long time)

The reason I say this is because it’s such a dull story about a family who own a funeral home and almost lose it multiple times due to monetary issues and Dexter is gay for police men, and there’s this actor who’s name i can’t remember and don’t wanna look up right now playing the womaniser character and he should never play the womaniser character. The only remotely good bits are when Michael C. Hall is talking with the dead body’s ghosts.

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 13.5%

After the few episodes I watched, I didn’t see the story going anywhere and HBO are usually good at drama. I only watched ’cause my sister bought the box set. Excuses Excuses, you loved it. No I really didn’t, so fuck you italics.


How Much I Could Watch: 2 seasons

Okay, so I watched a lot of it, but mainly haven’t got round to watching it all because it was beautiful shit. I mean I really don’t care about, or relate to, the problems of “movie stars” (Marky Mark). here are just a few: not having enough money to buy a mansion, not having met Scarlett Johansson (here, here, here you go), bumping into your ex (who happens to be Mandy Moore), etc… I was only watching it because my sister had the first two seasons on DVD I have never attempted to seek out the other seasons and haven’t exactly missed it.

Likelihood I’d Ever Try Again: 35%


UPDATE: watched arrested development a while back, it was awesome